About Us

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Three Left Feet wants to prove that everyone can dance, even those with two left feet.

Land Acknowledgement

Three Left Feet would like to acknowledge the treaty relationship of friendship and kinship with the indigenous peoples who gathered here for thousands of years: Cree, Nakota, Blackfoot, Dene, Saulteaux, and Metis, and all Indigenous people continuing to live here today.

May we all love and honour this place, and celebrate that we are all treaty people.

est. 1997

Let's Move! Together.

Three Left Feet is based on the Canadian Prairies. Our movement story is shaped by geography and our grassroots connection to the people who live here. Three Left Feet believes in working with professional artists who have a unique combination of passion, creativity, spark, and dedication. Motivated by rhythms from all over the world, we encourage others to move with us and be moved by us.