Upcoming Performances May 1-12, 2017

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Community. Acceptance. Diversity.

Imagine a beautiful place where the grass waves deliciously in the breeze and the water is always clear, cool, & plentiful. This is the proud territory of Coyote. But then Elephant wanders in…what happens next? Let’s find out! This show features drama, stilt dance, and Afro-Cuban folkloric movement. Three Left Feet brings Elephant & Coyote to schools in May 2017.

Elephant & Coyote is appropriate for K-6 students, and is performed in the gym.

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photo by David Boyle

General technical requirements for all shows:

  • Presentations take place in the gymnasium. Please ensure that the floor is swept clean prior to our arrival.
  • Three Left Feet will arrive approximately 90 minutes before our scheduled start time to set up our equipment.
  • Performers and crew will need approximately 45-60 minutes after the program to strike our equipment and load out of the gym.
  • The gym must be completely clear while we are setting up and again when we are taking down our equipment.

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Subterranean Sound Machine
Photo by David Boyle

Past Performances

Subterranean Sound Machine 2: The Next Adventure (2010-2011) In November 2010, Three Left Feet finished touring our latest show for elementary students. This show introduced stilt performance into the Three Left Feet repertoire as well included contemporary, jazz, West African doun dancing. We met ants, worms and explored the elements we found underground. Wonder what’s next for elementary students? Well, stick around….

Subterranean Sound Machine (2009-2010) The prequel to the latest, this was our first go at dancing underground. See the Subterranean Sound Machine Poster

Three Left Feet dance group touring schools.
Photo by David Boyle

Elephant and Coyote (2008-2009) Two seemingly incompatible animals were in for a treat and surprise when they discovered the essence of inclusion, creating community and tolerance. See the Elephant & Coyote Poster

WONGAI! Let’s Go!! (2004-2005) A dazzle of West African drummers and dancers took students to a far away land with West African songs, games and dances. See the Wongai! Let's Go!! Poster

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