Art For Youth

A Word on Art for Young Audiences

Three Left Feet is committed to developing young audiences and to providing arts education for youth. We see this as an essential step in fostering a place for the arts in our culture and as a necessary investment in our future.

Arts education adds depth to learning and development that is both undeniable and extremely positive. Extensive research shows that there are direct and dramatic links between arts education and academic success.

Success is most notable in the areas of reading, mathematics and writing. Moreover, arts education has a very positive impact on a student’s personal development. Tolerance of other racial groups, commitment to community, social skills, attendance in school, and engagement in learning are only a few of the identifiable measures of progress associated with supplementary arts education.  Students involved in arts programs exhibit more confidence, a greater ability to express themselves, and better judgement. The arts are a means to reach students who are not otherwise being reached by their education. Arts education fosters learning and inclusion for students on every front.

For more information on the benefits of arts education, please see the following report: Benefits of Arts Education, written for the Ontario Ministry of Culture. Arts Network, an organization focused on arts education in Canada, provides this report to the public via their website.

Three Left Feet is passionate and driven to provide top-notch instruction and performance for young audiences. Our programming is inclusive, community oriented and unique. Whether it is to inspire a student’s inner artist, or simply to make them feel happier and more integrated in their environment, Three Left Feet is dedicated to providing quality arts education for everyone.

Photo by David Boyle